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Irish Weather can be very changeable. Those of you who are used to defined seasons will find the irish weather amazing. It is possible to experience all seasons several times in any one day in Ireland. Kerry is virtually surrounded by the ocean which hugely influences the climate. Temperatures never vary greatly and snow in winter is a rarity except for the highlands. Summer temperatures generally fall between 12-20°C(55-70°F) Winter averages around 5°C(40°F) and autumn and spring are 8-12°C (45-55°F). Visitors are often surprised when they see the flora growing on the Dingle Peninsula or in South Kerry. Non native plants such as fuchsia, montebretia and even palm trees flourish here due to the mild climate.

The Weather on your Hill Walking Tour

Walkers should bring adequate and appropriate clothing. Several layers of clothing work best, and a complete suit of waterproofs is a must in any season! Special consideration should be given to footwear. Comfortable and sturdy hiking shoes or boots (waterproof) are recommended. You will also want to carry a small pack for things you will need during the day including a flask if you fancy a hot cup of tea or coffee during the day.

Valentia Observatory based in Cahirciveen in South Kerry is the local weather station. You can receive up to the minute weather information such as wind speed, pressure, visibility, forecasts from the link below.