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Guided Dingle Town Walks

Historical guided walks around the town of Dingle,
a town steeped in history on the edge of Europe.

Guided Walks of Dingle Town, Kerry, Ireland

Join us on a guided hour and a half walk and stroll through the history of Dingle Town. Norman Lords, Spanish Treaties,Town burnings, Elizabethan Charters and lots of wine….

Dingle is a town with a lot of history. What we try to do on our guided Dingle walks over the course of an hour or hour and a half is to give a sweeping overview of Dingle down through the years. We do this through individual stories that are linked to certain buildings around the town.

Do you like history? Do you like thinking about how things used to be or how they ended up the way they did? The streets of Dingle are steeped in history, some of it very local, some of it linked with international events.

Join us for some Dingle guided walks and tours at 10am at The Fungie Statue at The Pier, Dingle.

Dingle guided walks - Main Street
Dingle guided walks

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