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Guided Walks FAQ

Questions Frequently Asked by our Customers about our Guided Walks

FAQs Celtic Nature Guided Walks on the Dingle Way and Dingle Peninsula.

Claire and Kevin of Celtic Nature walking tours live here on the Dingle Peninsula and will be delighted to answer any questions you may have re guided walks on the Dingle Peninsula and Dingle Way. Please contact us on info@celticnature.com for information and please see some FAQs below.

What is a guided walk?

Kevin O Shea, guide, offers guided walks all over the Dingle Peninsula and the Dingle Way and will bring you to hidden gems that one might not find on ones own. Kevin will enrich the guided walk by imparting the local story.

How difficult is the guided walk?

Celtic Nature Walking Tours offer guided walks of various grades from easy (Dingle Town historical walk) to challenging (Mount Brandon) and everything in between.

Fitness levels?

Walking in the great outdoors in general requires a certain level of  fitness but Celtic Natures offers walks from easy to moderate to challenging and so we have something for everyone.

What times are the guided walks?

Typically the walk begins at 10am but please get in touch and we can talk through your specific requirements.

How long is the guided walk?

The length of the guided walk will depend on the chosen route. Please get in touch at info@celticnature.com and we can go through your chosen route.

Will I be part of a group on the guided walk?

At Celtic Nature walking tours, we usually provide private walking tours so that we can best adapt to your specific needs and pace as opposed to gathering a group together.

How do I get to Kerry

We have compiled some details on buses and flights to Kerry along with important phone numbers.   Click here for How to get to Kerry

Imíonn an tuirse agus fanann an tairbhe
The tiredness goes away and the benefit remains.